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Cold shower in the morning benefits

Wim Hof and ice cold exposure.


Lately, cold exposure therapy has become a rather popular topic. Heck, between my friend group that has been a widely discussed topic too – some are big fans of cold showers and ice exposure, and the others, well they are too, but they haven’t realized that yet. Personally, I believe that Joe Rogan and his podcast the “Joe Rogan Experience” has been influential in the increase of people exposing themselves to the cold. As we know, the famous comedian has a huge platform with an astonishing following, and he has been heavily promoting the perks of cold showers.

Moreover, we have seen experts like Andrew Huberman and Wim Hof getting on numerous podcasts and are given the possibility to involve science to back their claims of why cold exposure therapy can be so much beneficial for people. 

However, in this article, I will talk about the cold shower in the morning benefits. I will first give you my personal view and how this has helped me to be better every day. Then I will list the benefits of cold shower in the morning, and back up everything with science. 

A personal take on the cold shower in the morning benefits 

For me, since I started to take cold showers in the morning, it has been life-changing. I’m not even exaggerating. This habit has built more discipline in me than they ever did in high school. If any teenagers are reading that, be good in school! 

On a serious note, since I started experiencing the benefits of cold showers in the morning, I’ve been feeling very happy, to say the least: 

  • My anxiety has dropped tremendously. This is probably one of my favorite cold exposure benefits. Before, my anxiety, especially in the evening, has been at pretty high levels, which changed after I developed this beautiful habit.
  • Dopamine boost that lasts for hours. I’m sure that you know this great feeling when you have a piece, or two, of chocolate. Your dopamine levels increase but they do drop, and they drop hard. See the nice thing with cold exposure is that there’s a 250x increase in dopamine, and it constantly increases during the day, sometimes up to 5 hours, as discussed in JRE #1842 episode
  • No need for coffee – I’m already awake. I found a pretty nice alternative for coffee. After taking a cold shower, trust me you will be wide awake ASAP. 
  • I’m more alert during the day
  • Discipline – just do it (in the morning). Probably one of my favorite benefits of cold exposure is the discipline that I am building. I don’t want to get into the cold every single morning, but I still do it. 
  • Increased willpower. Same as the point above, really. 
  • Higher confidence. Doing something I don’t want to, but I still do it. And I am healthier in the end? Well, of course, this will boost my confidence.  
  • I get to brag to my friends about it. When they actually start doing it and experience the same benefits as me, well this feeling is also pretty damn good. 

Two morning cold shower benefits backed by science 

Believe it or not, after a cold shower, your body actually heats up. Yes, it does heat up. You don’t have to believe me, you can listen to Dr. Craig Heller and Andrew Huberman discussing temperature for performance, and brain & body health in the video below. 

So considering this, one of the benefits of cold shower in the morning, backed by science, is that our body temperature increases, which tends to wake us up. 

Another one of the benefits of cold shower in the morning is that you have a higher state of alertness throughout the day. The cold exposure stimulates you to take deeper breaths which decreases the CO2 levels throughout the body, and that, ultimately, helps you concentrate. Therefore, cold showers in the morning get you ready for the day. 

Cold showers have multiple benefits, however, the two mentioned above are backed by science and focus on why it’s best to expose ourselves to cold in the morning. So, better trust science and get ready to conquer your day. 


Taking cold showers, especially in the morning is a great habit to have. There are literally zero (0) disadvantages and countless (∞) benefits to it. Building this habit is not easy, however, it will make you a stronger and, more importantly, healthier person. Cold exposure promotes longevity, reduces anxiety, and makes you happier. Why wouldn’t you take on this opportunity? 

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